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I'm not too sure anymore...
I tried to commit suicide five times in one night and ended up getting sent to a mental hospital :/ .Two weeks after I tried to commit suicide my cousin hanged herself and passed away this is why I haven't been on. I've gotten a new laptop so i'll be able to start updating. Hopefully that happens and I don't sink back into writers block.

I've been struggling with depression for about five years now and it is absolutely horrible. I lost friends due to my selfish actions and if I could go back I would. I'd do anything to go back but sadly I can't. I am so sorry for everything.


The Beginning of The End - Preview

I can’t remember when it started. Maybe I should have told someone. Maybe one person out there wouldn’t think I was crazy. It’s all over now though. I lay here in my own blood on this white cold porcelain tiled floor; listening to them laugh and scream out with delight. They took great pleasure in seeing me in pain, but it would be over very soon. At least that is what I had thought.

Source- tumblr.com


I'm very very very sorry. My laptop died on me and my cord broke so my mother is getting me a new laptop. >.< I'm not too sure why because all I need is a cord but I'm grateful either way. Hopefully I can purchase a cord myself sometime soon after I get the new computer so I can get my work off of my dead laptop.

So I will not be updating for awhile. I was hoping to get the next chapter out sometimes this weekend because I have a long weekend due to labor day but, that is not happening. Right now I'm on a very old and slow computer that freezes a lot D: this is no fun. As soon as I'm able to I will update like no tomorrow for all of you :D I'm very excited for this story I already know how I plan on ending it. I just have no clue how I'm going to get there. So I am very interested in seeing where I go from here.

On the other hand :D I get to see a baby i used to babysit on monday.. well she isn't a baby anymore she's a big girl now :]. Her name is Anabella. I haven't been able to see her for over a year now. She's finally going to big girl school. I'm super excited about getting to see her and her younger sister who is turning 2 this year i believe.


I want to apologize because I haven't posted anything in awhile. I'm in Florida right now and have been very busy lately. I still get on LJ to try and catch up with your stories even though I'm not getting very far. I plan on getting the second chapter of my story out soon I already have most of it finished. I think I know where I plan on going with my story but I'm not 100% sure yet. Things can change. Hopefully I am able to get through this story without writers block(that would be a blessing). I'm still thinking about posting my Draco fanfic up on here but I don't think it is very good. We'll see what happens. My Draco fanfic happens to be a story I have gotten major problems with writers block.

Anyways, how is everyone? :]
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Master, You Promised Me
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

I shall be posting :)
So, I've been reading some very amazing stories which is what I got on here to do but now i've been thinking maybe I should put some of my own work up. I'm not a very good writer but practice makes perfect right?

Sometime later this week I shall post a Draco Malfoy fanfic I have been working on. I did have an original slash but all of my work for that has been lost so I might end up starting a new one. We'll see when it comes time to cross that bridge. I get ideas for stories but it never comes out how I would like it to then I end up getting writers block which can last for awhile or I force myself to update. When I do force myself to update the story end up going downhill.

I shall try my hardest to keep up with updating and to write better than I currently do.

Thank you for reading <3 xoxxx